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Because a dirty car is a dirty shame!

With no contract, no sign-up fee, and a flat low monthly cost, the Supersonic Car Wash Unlimited Pass offers an unbeatable value for the best car wash in Utah.

With our Unlimited Wash Pass, you can wash your vehicle at any of our Supersonic Car Wash locations as often as you want without even getting out of your car! That is until after your wash, where you can take advantage of our free, mega horsepower vacuums – available to every customer at all our locations.

The Unlimited Wash Pass is the ultimate in convenience, and pays for itself in just two washes a month! Get yourself an unlimited pass and be worry-free!

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Wash & Wheels

Signing up for our Wash & Wheels pass guarantees you unlimited washes at any of our Supersonic Car Wash locations and the use of our free vacuums with every wash. With this option, every time you enter one of our express car wash locations, your car and wheels will be left shining like new within minutes – guaranteed!

Wash, Wheels & Wax

The ultimate VIP car wash experience for you and your car. With this option, get the same unlimited access to car washes and our free vacuums after every wash as you get with the Wash & Wheels pass, as well as receiving our ultimate in paint-protection technology car wax! Our specially formulated waxes work to create a surface more difficult for dirt, rain, and bugs to stick to. We guarantee that our wax protection produces a gloss and shine typically only achieved by hand-waxing.

Unlimited Family Plans

Add a family member to your plan and save on all the vehicles in your household! Whether you have the Wash & Wheels or the Wash, Wheels & Wax Unlimited Wash Pass Plan, it’s just an extra $20/month per family member. This option allows the whole family to keep their vehicles clean all the time for a flat low rate. Upgrade your Unlimited Wash Pass to a family plan today and have the shiniest cars on your block. Visit us at your nearest Supersonic Car Wash for more information on family plans and how to upgrade.

Monthly, 6-month & Yearly Payment Options

The more you wash, the more you save! Choose between our two wash pass options (Wash & Wheels or Wash, Wheels & Wax) and whether you’d like to pay in monthly installments, every six months, or once a year.

Currently, only the monthly Wash & Wheels option is available for purchase online, all other options are available when purchased onsite.

After you complete signing up, we will mail you an activation package complete with your Unlimited Wash Club sticker (with RFID and a barcode) to put on your vehicle’s windshield, or you can pick it up at your local wash! This will allow you to automatically enter our car wash every time you visit!

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