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Happy Spring Cleaning!

Enjoy these Spring Cleaning Offers!

25% Off a single Polymer Pro Wash

50% Off first month Polymer Pro VIP Unlimited Wash Pass

Only Polymer Pro Reverses the 7 Signs of Automobile Aging:

  1. Dull Paintwork
  2. Permeability
  3. Markings
  4. Fine Lines
  5. Fading Color
  6. Surface Dirt
  7. Under Chassis Rust

Simply scan the barcode directly from your phone at the drive-up point of sale system or alert an attendant for assistance. Offer can be shared until 04/30/20. Happy Washing!


25% Off Polymer Pro Express Wash

25% off Polymer Pro Express Wash

50% off First Month VIP Unlimited Wash Pass

The recurring charge will be full-priced at month two for $39.99.

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